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Keep doing what your doing

I am a strong conservative from Tinley. You are the first candidate I have faith in. Right when you got into office you already done more for my town then the guy that has been representing us for the last 15 years. Illinois has always been the most corrupt state ever I grew up in Mike Madigan’s neighborhood I have seen the corruption first hand for over 35 years. You want your garbage picked up you better make a donation. There is no way to completely get rid of it but I wish they would stay out of the suburbs. We love Tinley for what used to be it’s strong old school beliefs. There was great pride in the cities history, my kids live outdoors at the parks run from be friends house to next it’s safe family friendly and was just perfect. The public school ours McAuliffe is beyond awful we have moved to CJB which has been much better but I worry about the neighborhood alot of store fronts are empty instead of building single family homes to encourage families they’re only building townhomes and condos everywhere that is definitely the wrong direction and will destroy our town. We are planning on moving soon and would love to move to Mokena or Frankfort where Covid rules are less enforced and seem to have people more in line with what we loved about Tinley when we first moved out here but with the insane taxes and destruction of Chicago I am so fearful about the taxes skyrocketing. They are going to need the money and there’s no one left in the City they are going to come after us. The only hope I have is for Darren Bailey to win the governorship we may be saved for a few years but this state is a ticking time bomb. I have a lot of faith in you. I hope you do what you believe is right because so far you have made all the decisions.