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How do I fill out a Witness Slip?

A witness slip is a person's or group's official position on a particular bill. A witness slip can be filed on behalf of yourself or on behalf of an organization you are representing. Anyone can file a witness slip and one does not need to register for an account to file one. However, registering allows you to: 

  • Save all of your user information such as name, address, phone number, email, business and representation, eliminating the need to re-enter the information on each witness slip.
  • Create a witness slip in just a few clicks.
  • View all of your witness slips filed for each chamber for the current GA.
  • Filter and sort by committee name, date/time and legislation number.
  • Update user information, testimony and positions on filed witness slips.
  • Log on to the ILGA Dashboard to enter and manage witness slips.

Witness slips may only be filed when the piece of legislation is scheduled for a committee hearing. You may also file a witness slip on subject matter in committee. 

For guidance on how to file a witness slip, click here!