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Illinois State Rep. Candidate Tim Ozinga Calls for Madigan Resignation

MOKENA, Illinois – Tim Ozinga, republican candidate for State Representative in Illinois 37th District, is calling for the resignation of Mike Madigan and pressing others running for the seat to do the same.

Ozinga is calling for fellow candidates vying for the 37th district seat to pledge that they will not support Madigan’s leadership and the culture of entrenchment in Springfield that has hamstrung Illinois state government for far too long.

Madigan is the longest-serving leader in Illinois history and has resided over the House as Speaker since 1983 (with the exception of two years from 1995-1997). This call comes amid federal corruption investigations that have led to the resignation and early retirement of various elected officials in Springfield.

“The hardworking men and women of Illinois deserve leadership that is working in their best interest; we can no longer afford Madigan’s political shenanigans,” Ozinga said. “It is time for Madigan to step down so the next generation of leadership in Illinois can begin to tackle the mess we are inheriting from the previous generation.” Tim’s statement is supported by a recent article from the Patch featuring Representative Margo McDermed and other Republican leaders pushing for accountability,

Ozinga, a local family business owner and community leader, officially announced his run to succeed the retiring state representative Margo McDermed on September 25, 2019 and has become one of the frontrunners in the race, in large part due to strong fundraising and other potential candidates that have thrown their support behind Ozinga’s campaign.

Three candidates for Illinois House District 37 officially filed their candidacy last week. Tim Ozinga is joined by New Lenox Mayor and School Superintendent Tim Baldermann who is running as a republican and Michelle Fadeley, a democrat from Joliet.

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