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Tim Ozinga Calls for Removal of Mike Madigan

MOKENA, Illinois – Tim Ozinga, Republican candidate for State Representative in Illinois 37th District, is calling for the removal of Mike Madigan from power and pressing Michelle Fadeley, who is running as a Democrat for the seat, to do the same.


Fadeley, President of Illinois NOW chapter, missed yet another opportunity during the Women’s March to denounce Michael Madigan, the corrupt leader of her party. Madigan continues to be shrouded in coverups that have empowered bureaucratic abusers to go unpunished. Fadeley took time at the March to pose for a picture holding a sign stating, “Ratify ERA NOW”, but has been eerily silent on the removal of Madigan.

Current 37th District State Representative Margo McDermed issued a press release asking Democrat “women in leadership” to stand up to Madigan. “Ghost payrolling is one thing, but to use the coverup of a rape as a positive reason to keep someone employed by the state is unconscionable,” she stated in the press release.  “You have to ask yourself what kind of person uses that as a bargaining chip.”

Ozinga stands behind McDermed’s request and is advocating for taking the necessary steps to create a government free from scandal and abuse. “How many more violent acts against women or other corrupt behaviors have been swept under the rug by Madigan and his apologists?” asked Ozinga. “Why should the 37th District voters elect one more person lacking the courage to push for real ethics reform and the complete removal of Mike Madigan from all his power? It will not be enough for him to resign from the House, but also as Chair of the Illinois Democrat Party. Women should not be disrespected, nor serious charges of rape be disregarded by so-called leaders. Everyone involved in the coverup of a rape and other criminal activity does not belong in the People’s Chamber.”

The Ozinga family and business have been dedicated in ensuring the safety, security and economic growth of women throughout the country with its support of organizations like Susan B. Anthony List, The Remnant Generation, ReClaim 13, and the National Association of Women in Construction.  “As a man, a loving husband and proud father of four daughters, I will fight against coverups of all kinds.  Illinois is in desperate need of real leadership and not more rhetoric.  If elected to serve as the next Representative of the 37th District, I will continue to support safety, security and economic growth for all Illinoisans, not just for a chosen few.”

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