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Ozinga Statement on Democrat Budget

On Sunday morning, the General Assembly passed a $42.9 billion budget. Candidate for State Representative in the 37th District, Tim Ozinga issued the following statement:

"Illinois Democrats, once again, show an unwillingness to practice any fiscal responsibility when their residents need it most. As a result of Illinois' record-high unemployment: families are hurting, and small businesses are shutting their doors. The Madigan-led Democrat's response has been to increase spending and debt.

Estimates suggest that revenues will decrease due to this economic crisis. Yet, this unconscionable budget spends $2 billion more than last year, is $6 billion out of balance, and relies on borrowing $5 billion for a possible federal bailout. If the people of Illinois were looking for fiscal sanity, they must look elsewhere. To add insult to injury, Democrats gave themselves a pay raise.

These are challenging times that call for making difficult decisions. Our elected officials must approach the budget the same way you and I budget for our home and daily lives. Cuts need to be considered and made, if only temporarily. Instead of facing these difficult decisions and questions, Democrats shamefully dodged these questions, spent more money than we have, and crossed their fingers on a federal bailout. 

As state representative, I promise to bring fiscal sanity to Springfield. I will strongly voice against Madigan and his egregious tax-and-spend policies. Our state cannot continue this path of economic ruin."

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