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Tim Ozinga on Corruption Allegations facing Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan

Mokena - On Friday afternoon, U.S. Attorneys announced a corruption scandal involving Speaker Michael Madigan. Candidate for State Representative in the 37th District, Tim Ozinga issued the following statement:

"The U.S. Attorney's office in Chicago announced Friday, ComEd will be paying a $200 million criminal fine as part of a federal investigation into a "years-long bribery scheme" involving jobs, contracts and payments to allies of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Speaker Madigan controlled what bills came up for a vote and influenced the ability to reward loyal cronies and legislators with jobs, contracts, and lucrative positions within his Chicago Ward or ComEd.

Systemic corruption has reached the highest levels of the Illinois General Assembly and the Illinois Democrat Party. As a result, Madigan and his special interest allies have taken advantage of the people of Illinois and the 37th District. We must take action and demand Speaker Michael Madigan's resignation!

Illinois is one of the highest taxed states in the country. Illinois also has lost residents annually for five consecutive years. Madigan's special interest legislation has suffocated our state for 40 years resulting in the mismanagement of Illinois' budget, funds, and economic growth.

Now, more than ever, Illinois must be able to hold the government, its officials, lobbyists and special interest groups accountable. Unlike the Speaker, I support term limits and promise to term-limit myself to three terms. Serving our community should be a temporary public service, not a career. I support fair maps as gerrymandered maps have allowed Madigan to accrue and consolidate his power in the General Assembly. Most importantly, I am running to fight and abolish the deeply-rooted corruption in Illinois that has benefited Democratic Leadership, while robbing our residents.

As your State Representative, I will bring common-sense reforms to ensure your government is ethical and fair for only the people, not politicians and their special interests."

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